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The Nikken Kenko mStrides retail in the UK for £49 to £58

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Nikken mStrides®

Magnetic Insoles


Kenko mStrides® are a major step forward in design and engineering. With exclusive DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology and exceptional comfort these are the most advanced and durable insoles in the world.


Available in small or large size (cut to fit) for a current price* of approximately £60 (US $70) (plus p & p) a pair.


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An impressive demo there from Anita. Convinced enough to try a pair for yourself right now? We can deliver an online order to the UK or the US or South America - press the appropriate Buy Now button below and select from our online Nikken shop (scroll to the model of insole preferred - the insoles are found in the "Rest and Relaxation" section of the products menu, and select male or female size). For European orders please call or email. Want to know more? Scroll on down.

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"I suffered serious discomfort in my knee for which the doctor prescribed naproxen. Two weeks later the medication was not working very well. I was recommended the Nikken insoles for my shoes and with each day after wearing them the discomfort became less and less troublesome until it disappeared completely. My friends noticed a spring in my step and I definitely had more energy. Although I can't be sure that the problem disappeared completely with the use of the insoles the problem has not recurred and I now wear them continuously." Kathy, Brighton

Enhance Your Strength and Balance



For over 40 years since it's foundation in Japan in 1975 Nikken has been developing high quality wellness products in air, light, water, sleep, and nutrition. Incorporating the latest research in magnetics, far-infrared energy, and negative ions, Nikken aims to bring nature into our homes and offices by reconnecting us with the natural Earth energies which have become increasingly compromised in our man-made modern enviroments and stress filled lifestyles. This replication of nature places our bodies in the most beneficial environment in order to heal and thrive.


The benefits of magnetic fields for strength, energy and wellness, have long been known in countries like Japan where people have been wearing magnetic insoles and sleeping on magnetic beds for years. Interestingly the Japanese now have the longest life expectancy in the world.

The Kenko mStrides are the latest model of the original magnetic insoles produced ever since the foundation of Nikken.


Like many of the Nikken wellness products one of the best things about the mStrides is once you have them you can enjoy their passive wellness wherever you go for no effort. Simply cut to size and place in your usual pair of shoes and off you go! Transfer to your walking boots, slippers, dress shoes, or sports shoes as required, or even better buy a second pair. It takes no more effort than that to enjoy the health benefits and you will literally never leave home without them.


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